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Gordon-Bennett-Race 1910 - Germania

Report of the Westfälischer Merkur of 27 October 1910.

Newyork, 25 Oct.

A telegram from Montreal at 1 o'clock this morning states that the Gordon Bennett balloon “Germania”, which has hitherto been missing, has come down in northern Quebec. The airmen are said to be safe and sound and are already on their way to Quebec. The following is still reported about the hardships endured by the “Germania” crew: “The adventures of the leader of the “Germania”, Captain von Abercron and his companion, Mr Aug. Blanchertz, after the balloon landed in the wilderness of Quebec, were associated with dangers and hardships of all kinds. For 32 hours they fought their way through dense primeval forests without travelling more than five English miles, with very little food and suffering greatly from constant attacks by wolves and encounters with large snakes. At night they had to light large fires to protect themselves from the beasts. When they were finally found by hunters, they were completely exhausted and without any food. The hunters took them to their camps and finally led them out of the wilderness.

Ottawa, 25 Oct.

On behalf of the American Aeroclub, a relief expedition is being equipped from here to search for the balloon “America”, whose whereabouts are not yet known. The same is done from Toronto.

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